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AddictedToRadio January 29, 2013 1

The biggest event of the year for our business is held every year in South Beach, it’s the Winter Music Conference. Typically it’s us and a few multi-billion dollar companies that are nominated as BEST GLOBAL RADIO STATION so we’re flattered we have enough people to even compete in that area! We hope you’ll share this page and vote for on that ballot.

We’ve provided quick instructions so that you can vote for us. All voting ends March 1, 2013. When you click the link we’ve given you to the BALLOT, you’ll be linked to the IDMA page on the WMC website where you can follow the instruction we’ve given you here to fill out the ballot in less than a minute!


1. Click Link to ballot

2. Fill in information at top, you’ll have to fill it all out because once you vote and submit your vote, they send a verification to make sure you’re a human instead of a robot program.

3. scroll down to #19 on the ballot BEST RADIO STATION (GLOBAL)

4. Type in

5. Submit the ballot

6. Click the link they send you in that email to VERIFY your vote, if you don’t, the vote won’t count.

Thank you very much!

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