The History Of House Music

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This is where you’ll find all the parts of the classic “The History Of House Music”. Many in the documentary have their ‘spin’ and their version of it all, some right on, some more through their eyes without knowing much more outside their ‘area’ which wound up leaving many in the scene outside of the film and the history. But all in all, its very good, enlightening and worth sharing. You get the players, the movers and the shakers. What is missing is Hip-House, Fast Eddie, Kool Rock Steady and the others who followed as well as many of the DJ’s and producers who weren’t part of a ‘click’ or weren’t in the circle of influence found here. You can hear about that in WBMX: The Real Story. You’ll find that link and others below.


The Hotmix 5 – From The Beginning

Interview With Bad Boy Bill

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